We had a speaker meeting at my home group last night. The woman was phenomenal. Exactly what our group needed. She was young, vibrant and obsessed with the program. Her Big Book was literally falling apart at the seams. She was not embarrassed when half the pages fell onto the floor. I was astounded.

She talked about what it was like with horror and humor. You could see she had been through who she was and given it to God long ago. You could see she knew the reality of this disease and what it does to us. You could see her pain for the still suffering. I was moved to tears many time over. Moved by her passion. It doesn’t happen very often around these parts that an alcoholic is as die-hard about the program as she is. Its sad and I am so glad that she came and so many witnessed a good AA speaking her experience with the program from her heart.

She spoke about what happened with expression that brought out anger in me. I was filled with rage at this disease. She was not shameful. She was honest and true to her God and helping others.

And finally, with 40 minutes to go, she spoke about what it’s like now! 40 minutes of step-talk, book-talk and reading and speaking her experience with such passion it almost knocked me out. She lives this program. Alcoholics Anonymous saved her life and the lives of people in HER life. She does not take that for granted. She has been rocketed into a 4th dimension of existance. She reaks of God. This woman gave me hope for the hopeless. Where I should have faith and there is not I now have faith. Incredible speaker and I can’t wait to go see her in Colorado and hear her again.


About theredsoxsavedmylife

Just another drunk. Not drinkin'. Thanks to 12 simple steps and The Red Sox.

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