I’ve had a recent spiritual experience regarding the power of one person taking the reigns and carrying the message. It has opened my eyes to the effect one of us can have on the lives of thousands of others.

This Thanksgiving my fiancee, my three kids and his two kids traveled to Antioch, California to visit his family. What an experience in itself, but that’s not for this blog.

My fiancee grew up in Antioch and got sober there in 1985. A couple years into his recovery, he and a couple other people decided to start a 12 step meeting outside of their home group. They got it going, it flourished and grew, and became a good meeting. He ended up moving away and has lived in Wyoming for over 20 years. Before we left for our trip, he kept talking about this meeting, during the drive (yes, we drove 1200 miles, he won’t fly) he was very excited about going to the Friday night meeting. We arrived Wednesday around noon, and he continued to bring up going to this meeting. Friday rolled around and it got time to go. We got his family to watch our kids while we went. When we got there, he knew one person, whom attended the meeting and he had met on Facebook  and had never met in person. Other than that, he didn’t know anyone else. It was a speaker meeting, and the woman who spoke had a profound message, and had also been attending this meeting for most of her recovery. Most everyone who shared after that had been attending this meeting for a long while.

Finally, my husband-to-be shared. And I understood. It all hit me. He was quite emotional and humble about this meeting. He started it 20+ years ago, never thinking it would continue. The founders of the meeting and regular members had all moved away or otherwise. He came back, 20 years later, to find that someone had picked up the reigns, and kept the meeting going, and from that, many many people had a chance to recover and had good lives. Because a couple of recovered, firecracker trenchers had decided to do something on their own. And the domino effect had saved peoples LIVES.

Needless to say, it had a profound effect on him and moved him very much. And the effect it had on me was amazing. It reminded me that I am one little part of a big family. That one thing I do or say can affect a lot of other people. It doesn’t stop with me. It doesn’t stop with you. We all have a part. And we don’t always realize what it means, or how big it can be. And that is something we should all take very seriously and personally. We are individually bigger than ourselves. We can make a difference. Without even knowing it.

It was a big deal and an eye-opening experience I will take with me every day.

I am not small.

You are not small.

We are each big and important, and if no one else does anything but us, that’s ok, it is getting done.

I love recovery.

I love God.

I love us.


Keep on keepin’ on folks.


About theredsoxsavedmylife

Just another drunk. Not drinkin'. Thanks to 12 simple steps and The Red Sox.

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  1. good2begone says:

    Awesome story. Thank you for sharing it!

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  3. waynemali says:

    My Friend, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


    Thank you so much for supporting and inspiring me on my journey, it means so much.


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