My name is Charleen and I am an alcoholic.

A recovered/recovering alcoholic. I got sober August 4th, 2009.

I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. My life is amazing.

A person I interact with regularly and who is a big part of my life and recovery is a HUGE Red Sox fan. Like, whoa. He is a mentor and hero of mine. Whenever I see or hear about the Boston Red Sox, I immediately think of him.

So one day I was not doing very good. I hadn’t been calling my sponsor, going to meetings, reading our literature or interacting in recovery in anyway. So yeah, I’m going to be miserable. I had a barbecue at my house. I decided a few non-alcoholic beers could not hurt me any, so I drove my miserable ass down to the liquor store. Just to get some O’douls! Indeed.

Before I walked away from that counter an incredible, indescribable, overwhelming feeling of powerlessness came over my entire being. I turned around to buy the vodka too. I was defeated. I gave in. I was already drunk in my mind.

As I turned back to the counter to purchase the booze, I looked up at the T.V. that was on right above my head. The freakin’ Red Sox were playing.

And it all came back to me. The purpose of my life, my recovery, my experience and what my message was to be to another drunk. God interfered that day, and did for me what I could absolutely not do for myself. I was reminded of my mentor and the power of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship, and helping others. What good am I drunk?

I did  not drink that day, nor any of the days since then. Today I have not had a drink. Today I have a solution. And The Boston Red Sox will always be a part of my recovery.




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  1. Al K Hall says:

    Great story! Glad to hear you were able to avoid that all important first drink! Thanks for stopping by my blog and i look forward to visiting here more often.

    • Well I appreciate the comment and you reading my story. I hope it can give someone hope somewhere. I’d be delighted to have you come by my new blog here and participate if you would like. 🙂 Take care.

  2. Heidi says:

    The Miracle! That’s what I call it when you’re so new to sobriety that it takes a miracle to keep you that way. Usually, it only takes one! So glad you got that. Personally I think God loves you. Could it be any clearer that there’s a power greater than us?

    I’ll be back.

    • Thank-you so much for visiting my baby blog! And no, I need no further confirmation to convince me of God. I will accept His will however and whatever else He has in store for me, which is actually exciting! Thanks again for stopping by. :))

  3. That’s such a wonderfully inspiring story. It’s good to hear the Sox were good for something. Just kidding 🙂 I am a huge fan. It never ceases to fascinate me, the interconnectedness of things, how people, events, moments happen to us for reasons at the time unknown but change us forever. Congratulations on sobriety.

  4. Hi Charleen, I’m a huge Red Sox fan which is what made me come to your site, but I found a whole lot more. I’m glad you found your inspiration and are on the road of sobriety. Looking forward to reading more – Judy.

  5. Popadopolis says:

    I am also a HUGE Red Sox Fan!!! (and a Celtics Fan, a Bruins Fan and a Patriots Fan – Talk about all that another day – lol). I loved this story immensely and will be following your blog as well. THANKS for sharing it. When I put my Red Sox hat now, i will smile in remembrance of this story of how the BoSox saved a fellow alcoholic.

  6. sswl says:

    Ah, now I understand! Loved this story. May the baseball gods stay with you.

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